introducing queenlash by descubre


We are so excited to announce that Descubre Beauty Bar has launched their own line of Premium Eyelash Extensions, Adhesives and Tweezers called Queenlash. 


Eyelash Extensions

Queenlash provides premium lash extensions that are made with top quality synthetic materials for professional lash artists. Our lashes are finer, softer, lighter, and made with black matte material that is 100% hand-made.



curved Tweezers (Izzy)

The V-45 has a precision curved end at an angle of 45 degrees. Its clamp-like head helps to gain control over fine diameter lash extensions (such as 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07) for an easier multi-lash pick up.



Straight Tweezer (Alejandro)

All tweezers have precision closure tips for expert isolation and pick up. Handcrafted and tested at the factory and before shipping, each tweezer is optimized to have a "sweet spot” to reduce hand fatigue. 



Pro- Sensitive Adhesives

The Pro-Sensitive lash adhesive has a 6 -8 second average dry time, which makes it ideal for people who are newer to learning the art of eyelash extensions.




Our flawless adhesive offers a strong hold, very fast dry-time of 1-2 seconds, up to 8 weeks retention period, low fumes, and optimal flexibility.